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Questions to ask Houston SEO consultant before hiring them

Search engine optimization is part of holistic online marketing strategy that should be done by experienced and skilful consultant. Search engine optimization helps to determine how visible your online business is. Visibility means that you will entice clients and retain those that are existing. Because it is not easy to hire a SEO consultant, there are certain questions that you should use as guidelines to enable you get the company you need.

Question #1: what is your method of approaching SEO to get results?
There are mainly 3 aspects of SEO. These are as follows:
Technical SEO- this considers various aspects such as site speed and platform structure. The SEO consultant will evaluate such areas like reviewing 404 errors, analyse redirects and ensure that search engine able to crawl your content and platform.
User experience- the SEO consultant will review aspects like content navigation and keyword optimization.

Off-page SEO-this are efforts meant to improve your visibility by using links. You are able to make your brand authoritative and trustworthy through that SEO.
It is important to choose a consultant that uses a holistic approach when handling your SEO. The consultant should be able to tackle the 3 main areas.

Question #2: How will you customize the tactics to fit my brand?
It is important to realize that businesses are different and their needs as well. You need to evaluate whether the consultant will deliver SEO services that are unique to your needs and business model. A consultant who uses cookie cutter approach is not the best and must be avoided.

Question #3: How long will it take before we start seeing results?
A good SEO service takes time before you start seeing results. A good firm will provide an approximate time frame when you expect seeing the results. Generally, you start seeing results after half year. Though it is possible to start seeing results earlier, it will depend on various factors like the quality of your site.
Question #4: How do you handle mobile?
It is important to choose a consultant who has a good approach for mobile because many clients are using mobile phones. The mobile strategy should be part of the holistic tactic.

Question #4: How do you carry out keyword research?
It is important to understand how the consultant handles the keyword research. You need to ask them the strategy they will use to have the right keywords that will have you content optimized.

Question #5: How do you approach link-building?
It is important to ask this question because it will determine the quality and quantity of the links that you get. If they promise you many links within a short time, then you should realize that most of such links are spammy and must be avoided.

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